Cash, Check or Credit Cards Accepted (5% charge for Credit Card purchase)

VENMO, Cash, Check or Cards Accepted

(travel outside of a 30 mi radius from Provo is $2/mile one way)

[Prices include applicable UT State Sale Tax]

Fine Tuning Service: $150

As part of the Fine Tuning Service we:

  • tighten the bench
  • check for sticking, clicking or squeaking keys and pedals
  • inspect the soundboard, plate, bridges, pin block and action

Plan on about 1.5 to 2 hours – and we end the service call with a personal mini-concert on your newly tuned piano!

– Pitch Raise: $50

If your piano hasn’t been serviced for years (like 2+ (or 10, or 30… ;-)) it usually requires what is called a pitch raisewhich is an extra $50.

 Cleaning: $25-40

  • Uprights: starting at $25
  • Grands: starting at $40 (grands include soundboard under strings and inside action cavity)


– Repairs: If the repairs are simple (take just a few minutes) I usually don’t charge extra – in other words I try to pack “As Much Value As Possible” (AMVAP 🙂 ) into each service call.  However some repairs take a bit – that’s where the hourly rate of $100/hr (see below) comes into play.  



Additional In-Home Service/Repairs: $100/hour

This can include string repairs, key top repairs, broken pedals or other items that may need service, including voicing the tone of your piano and regulating the action.

– Rebuilding Services: Pricing available upon request.

Depending on the value of the piano to you and your desires for getting it into tip top condition we also offer rebuilding services; everything from new key tops to a new soundboard, restringing and new action and hammers.

– Piano Benches and Piano Lamps:


Other services:


Contact Bill Thresher Piano Movers (801) 310-3461 or online at


Contact Curtis Harper @ (801) 361-2619

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